Dating Advice

Dating Advice in cafe

We offer you some simple dating advice whether you online dating or off-line.

So let us say first; we offer this advice with the best intentions to keep you safe when dating. Ten Top Dating Sites can offer no guarantee and it is not concise. We hope our dating advice will be of some use and keep you out of trouble. The advice is gained primarily from our past experiences of dating websites.

So lets look what dating advice we need when we see someone we like

If you are on a dating website then remember to take things slowly. The picture shown maybe of someone who looks a little younger and slimmer than they really are. At this point it is worth mentioning scammers, if someone asks for any money (even a very small amount) block them immediately. Remember, if something looks too good to be true then it probably is.

Fortunately, most people are genuine and you can look forward to some great dating experiences. Although, they do reckon that most dating profile pictures are are the right person, but a few years younger. Try and make your own picture a recent one. You might go out on a date and meet someone.

So you have joined a dating website; take your time, email and chat online first. Have a good look around and never give out any off-line personal details, not even your phone number. Why not have a look at our chat-lines, they might work.

Dating Advice When You Go Out On That Date

OK, you are ready to take things off-line and actually meet someone. Again take it slowly. Always meet in a public place and tell a friend where you are going and who with. You should arrange to contact your friend at a specific time. You could ask your friend to ring you, that way you would have an excuse to leave if things are not going that well.

If you meet in a bar or similar, always ask for a bottled drink that you can drink straight from the bottle, that way nothing can be slipped into to. If you need the toilet, take it with you.

Whilst on the subject of drink. Don’t drink too much, apart from your own safety, it just does not give a good first impression.

We hope this little bit of dating advice helps. All the websites we show have their own processes to eliminate fraudsters. So don’t worry and have fun dating.

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